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How bonuses are killing the Postal Service

Management complains that they do not get raises in comparison to bargaining unit employees as the contracts from our Unions provide. However, what they do get is a bonus as Pay for Performance (PFP) started in 2003. Many private sector employers have adopted pay-for-performance (PFP) programs, and several federal agencies have also experimented with PFP such as the USPS. Some federal PFP programs have operated successfully for many years; others have been more controversial. Last year, Congress terminated a PFP program at the Defense Department. Employees complained that the program was arbitrary and lacked transparency, and that was just the opinion of the employees in line to get one. It goes much deeper than that and affects a business like the Postal Service immensely. Members of management pick what they will attempt to excel at during a year or quarter, depending on the department, and concentrate on making those numbers ‘fit’ even if it is to the detriment of the service being provided to the customer. Customers are greeted at a retail window by an eager sales associate with a plethora of services to offer the customer. ‘Certifieds’ are always popular because the mail piece is  mailed with a signature to be received by the recipient, a cheaper option for lettered mail especially with legal matters – IRS, attorney matters or something seemingly easy such as Airbnb confirmations. Signature confirmations on parcels have gotten a big increase since service talks and threats were made to employees to ensure they offer it. What happens on the other end? The carrier’s side? The actual delivery points? The carriers are set with unrealistic goals to start with but add an item that needs them to dismount and go up to an actual door--- YEAH RIGHT! They get no additional time for a certified- they are not even scanned in the system as Arrival At Unit (AAU) like parcels are. If it wasn’t for the scan on the DBCS machines, they wouldn’t even be scanned from one state to the next! And when it gets to a station…. Forget It. These are not recorded on a PS Form 3867, so the carrier never signs that they received them (don’t forget they were never scanned when arrived at unit either). Pair that with an overburdened carrier and what do you get(?) – most likely a certified or signature confirmation piece that was simply left at the destination address, merely thrown in the mailbox or notice left with an angry customer calling in or stomping to their local PO to ask why their carrier didn’t “KNOCK”. No wonder several of the service call centers (Enterprise Customer Care) are having wait-times on the phone of over hours. To the customer, the item is not trackable – it has disappeared, Missing In Action if you will.  But by golly if management picked their goal for PFP to be po box up on time – they couldn’t care less, they are getting a bonus – you bet that box up time is scanned timely! One simple row of barcoded numbers indicating there was a scan and all mail was up and conveniently in close proximity of management’s desk. I fear that it will be too late to save the Postal Service from its own demise if PFP stays in effect. Most managers don’t care about service anymore, they are too transfixed on achieving that goal- the one that provides what they have chosen for their PFP BONUSES. I, myself, don’t have that many years left at the Post Office until I retire, but I fear for future employees, NO, – the Postal Service as a whole – is nearing its end to privatization. God save the Post Office.

Cassie Williams
Vice President
Nashville Area Local 5


Wounded Warriors Leave

There have been some questions coming from the field concerning the continued eligibility of a 30% disabled veteran who has previously established that they are eligible for WWL. I have verified with the USPS HQ that once a veteran has established their 30% eligibility and remains 30% or more disabled they will receive a “fresh” allotment of WWL each leave year. Balances remaining at the end of any previous leave year are not carried over, but an employee will start with a fresh 104 hours effective the first day of each leave year (assuming the employee is still eligible for WWL).

  Eligible new hires will receive 104 hours of WWL upon hire (as required by law) to be used for the remainder of the current calendar year.  Each January, all disabled veterans with a 30% or more combined disability rating will receive 104 hours of WWL to use during the calendar year.

    At the end of each calendar year, any remaining WWL will be forfeited but, assuming the employee still has a combined disability rating of 30% or more, he/she will receive a new 104 hours at the start of the new leave year.  Any unused WWL is not rolled over to the next year, nor will it be paid out if the employee leaves.

Initial Eligibility

Newly hired eligible employees or those returning to the Postal Service will be credited with 104 hours of Wounded Warriors Leave following the Postal Service's receipt of documentation supporting the employee's eligibility. Wounded Warriors Leave will be available for use retroactively to the first day of their enter-on-duty date, or the current Leave Year, whichever is later, for use through the end of the Leave Year.

Additional Eligibility

Eligible employees will be credited with 104 hours of Wounded Warriors Leave on the first day of each Leave Year and the leave is available for use until the last day of the Leave Year.




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Attention PTF and PSE Clerks


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     @  11am

  SUITE 207

American Postal Workers Union

Hearing Impaired Members should inform the President or Vice-President at least one week prior to the meeting whether you will attend the meeting Notice of intent should be put in the APWU Box in the General Clerks Office.


National Day of Observance

It just came out today from our National APWU Officers that the Post office will Observe the National Day of Observance for former President Bush’s death on 12/5/2018. The Postal Service will suspend delivery and service hours for that day and Local Management is supposed to use only enough personnel to process the mail. We all know since it is Christmas season that management probably won’t let a lot of employees off of work for this day. If they let you off of work, you will get paid 8 hours of Administrative leave for this day 12/5/2018. If you are made to work, you have up to 6 months to take 8 hours of Administrative leave for the Mourning Death of President Bush. When you take your 8 hours of Administrative, leave fill out a 3971 and mark down 8 hours Administrative leave for President Bush’s death and make sure that you get a copy of your 3971 approved. Remember, you only have 6 months from 12/5/2018 to use this 8 hours of Administrative leave per the ELM and the MOU.

Thank you,

Keith Pullen
APWU Local


Contract News

Our current Collective Bargaining Agreement (Union Contract) initially expired on September 20, 2018. The APWU and the U.S Postal Service agreed to extend negotiations until October 20th after which the parties again extended negotiations until November 20th. During that period the APWU and the Postal Service engaged in a series of negotiating sessions.

 The APWU believes recent negotiations have been fruitful and we have made progress towards a framework of an agreement.

 In that light, the APWU and the USPS have agreed to continue our negotiating efforts until December 7th.

“We are continuing to work hard to reach a voluntary agreement that is fair to our members”, said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “Hopefully, over the next two weeks we will achieve a tentative agreement, meet with the rank and file bargaining committee and, if they approve, put a tentative contract to a vote of all the members. If December 7th comes and goes without an agreement, the APWU will move forward with the interest arbitration process. Stay tuned and wear your union gear with pride!”


I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who attended the first ever Union Appreciation Day!!

We had a Great turn out with over 150 union and family members.

The winner of the drawing for the $250.00 went to Custodian LJ Rawls. Congratulations!!!

The food was cooked from our very own Union Member MVS driver Charles Kirk. The food was Excellent!!!!

I appreciate talking to each and everyone of you that attended.

We will be planing on having another Union Appreciation day some time next year, and I hope more of you can join us.

 Like  I said this was the first event that our Local Union has ever done for you members and we will continue to make it better every year.

 Thank you to all of you for being apart of our APWU Local #5 family!!! 

I hope to see each and everyone of you at our next Union Meeting on Monday October 1st at 18:00.

Thank you,

Keith Pullen
APWU Local #5


Ice Cream


Management is trying to harass all employees by telling every employee that if they call out sick or even FMLA that they must bring Documentation and that all employees in Nashville are on the Dems Desirable list. This is a violation of the CBA and also the postal ELM. If you call out and Management asks for Documentation ask for a Union Steward immediately so we can file a grievance and also so we can file charges against management with the Department of Labor. We want everybody to come to work but if you have to call out don’t let Management harass you!!!

Thank you

Keith Pullen
APWU local

ELM Sick


Mutual Swap


Below is a statement from APWU President Mark Dimondstein on the White House plan to privatize the United States Postal Service.

    The White House proposal on restructuring the federal government released today, “Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century,” delivered nothing but misinformation and, if implemented, would end regular mail and package services at an affordable cost to 157 million addresses every day. Furthermore, the White House plan is an attack on many federal agencies and the public services they provide.

    The White House’s plan states, “Like many European nations the United States could privatize its postal operator…” What’s left unsaid is European nations charge substantially more for mail services delivered in a much smaller area. They also regularly raise the cost of delivery. For example, the cost of sending a letter in the United Kingdom has increased 80 percent over the past decade. By comparison, the U.S. has the lowest postage rates in the industrialized world.

    Eliminating the universal service obligation, as the plan suggests, would hurt business and individuals alike, and would be a dagger aimed at the heart of rural America and undermine e-commerce.

    The draconian plan uses “burdening the taxpayers” as justification to promote the privatization of the U.S. Postal Service when the truth is USPS is self-supporting and receives no tax dollars for postal operations.

    And, while letter mail volumes are lower, package delivery is up substantially. No institution is better suited for the e-commerce revolution than USPS. The public postal service serves each and every person and belongs to the people of this country. According to recent surveys by Gallup and the Pew Research Center, it enjoys the highest level of satisfaction and trust of any government service or agency, rating the highest among young people.

    Privatizing the Postal Service is not in the public interest or the interest of postal workers and would be nothing more than a raid by corporate pirates on a national treasure.

    This outrageous White House plan should be a wake-up call to every postal worker and APWU member. The threats of postal privatization, the threats to decent union jobs, the threats to good services, are real.

    The American Postal Workers Union stands with the people of the country and our many allies in the ongoing fight to ensure a vibrant public Postal Service for generations to come.

    More information and calls for action will be forthcoming.

1300 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 | www.apwu.org
Please all employees don’t do the Postal Service employee Survey. 

The postal service is trying to get all employees to do the surveys and talk about how happy we are with our jobs so they can use it against us in the Contract Negotiations. This is a Contract year!!! Please don’t do the Surveys!!!

Thank you,
Keith Pullen
APWU local 5


Someone once told me “I have never worked at a place that tried to get rid of you as soon as they hired you”. Not until years later would I understand what he meant by this. I believe he meant the atmosphere that management has created. The abusive humiliation and intimidation tactics postal management uses on the work room floor is something supervisors and postmasters have learned from their managers, or the proudly self-proclaimed “LEADERS”. While some supervisors and postmasters want the best for our customers and fellow workers, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They try to do the right thing involving their employees but are constantly under pressure to make arbitrary and unrealistic goals. During volatile daily telecoms and weekly ‘leader’ meetings, upper management uses this as a platform to intimidate and belittle frontline EAS employees in front of their peers. This is where a narcissistic senior manager deflects their unrealistic plan and leadership inadequacies and places them onto the “TEAM”. This is clear and blatant harassment and middle school style bullying. This is where this unacceptable management style is normalized, learned and repeated. It is no wonder this unrealistic and abusive style of management is now repeated commonly amongst front line supervision.
 We, the workers who must implement a severely flawed business plan, know that management has understaffed our pay locations, lowered service and alienated our customers. Stop and think about just how stupid and self-defeating that is… simply it is business suicide. Even with rampant and forced overtime, at the end of a shift we realize that required work is not finished. PSEs being the most vulnerable under our collect bargaining agreement are being pulled in every direction, like a favorite rag doll in a day care center. Many PSEs are intimidated to violate the contract when it does protect them, while some unknowingly respond to every whim.
We have supervisor texting instructions to personal cell phones while many are using their own private vehicles. Supervision knows this is not proper – instructions are to be given at your workplace – you - the employee are not on-call!  Transportation being used to go from one workplace to another one in the same day is management’s responsibility – not the employees! This has been in the JCIM for over 20 years. (Page 222 in the 2017 JCIM). Additionally, over 4 years ago in a Labor Management Meeting (where Union and Management sit down to discuss issues dealing with employee’s rights) : Etravel was agreed to be set up for all PSEs in Postal One. If employees were to choose their own vehicle (APWU and your personal insurance company does NOT recommend this as without commercial coverage they will not pay for damages) management is to pay the employees at the GSA POV rate per mile if you do use your vehicle. Always log and report your time, don’t give away your rights. Seek a steward if you find management’s resistance to this or any rule immediately.

All the while, President Trump and his team are thinking of ways to take away our pensions, healthcare and even injury compensation. Instead of trying to satisfy and add to our customer base during an e-commerce boom, it seems we are constantly shooting ourselves in the foot to try to cut service and turn business away. The ivory tower function schedulers generated in DC are a joke and management has admitted to them being biased and unrealistic. Mail is continuously delayed while the OIG turns a blind eye and reports that they will ‘give the Service time to recuperate with better scores.’ All the while more and more customers are being forced to use our competition. Parcels are not getting scanned when the customer expects as they are told on the front lobby window, APCs and from their home computers printing their postage from our employer’s site. Why? Because then the extent of the delayed mail would be there for all to see. More important to USPS management is that the truth may interfere with their bonuses. So truth be darned and onward with falsification, deception and misleading of the public.
Be a part of the solution not the problem. Report violations and delayed mail to your supervisor and document. Ask for your union steward if the problem is not immediately corrected. Career employees need to mentor and help protect our PSE’s because that is what a UNION is all about.

Cassie Williams
Vice President
Nashville Area Local 5


Congratulations PSE’s!!!

I wanted to inform everyone that Management wanted our Local to agree with Expedited Bidding to fill the Vacant Positions and  I said NO, because it’s against the Collective Bargaining Agreement and we the Local were not going to let any members get displaced. Well, Management has agreed to Promote 16 PSE’s to Full Time Regulars to fill the Vacant Positions. 1 PSE will make FTR on the 12th of May and the other 15 on the 26th of May. Congratulations to all making FTR!!!! Your Local Officers and Stewards are working Extremely hard for each and everyone of you!!! Over $35,000 dollars of grievances were just recently settled at Step 2 by Assistant Clerk Craft Director Joe Jolley. Joe Jolley is doing an Excellent job of winning grievances for you!!! Please each and everyone of you continue to ask for a Union Steward and file grievances because it is making a difference!!! Show management our Solidarity by continuing to file grievances every time management violates the Contract!!! Watch each other backs and continue to help each other out.

Thank you,

Keith Pullen
APWU Local #5


Importance of Union Meetings:

While some of us hold elected positions of authority, the real power of our local Union is the individual member, how the individual member exercises that power over the direction of our local Union is at Union meetings. This is where YOU tell us what to do, not the other way around.
Regularly scheduled Union meetings are a sign of a vibrant, democratic and organized union. Do you know that we have had very few that have made a quorum?? (quo·rum: the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid).

 The Union meeting has many purposes. It provides members the opportunity to regularly: meet as a group, learn about the Union, exchange ideas, meet the leaders and fellow members, debate and make decisions, air gripes and argue, make proposals and have input, get updated on events, socialize, etc. Yet, the most common refrain that is heard is “no one comes.” The regularly scheduled meeting establishes that the union as an organization exists and has structure. And, as with any democracy, it allows the members to attend and participate or not to attend (which has been a big problem). This is YOUR Union – YOU pay for US to work for YOU, YOU are to hold US accountable for what the job we do for YOU. WE need YOU to attend the meetings and we need you to educate us on what violations are going on. Even if you don’t like the regular schedule meetings – show up to a meeting and make a motion to change the schedule.

Cassie Williams: (Your) Vice President


Vice President’s Report:
Cassie Williams

President’s Conference in ST. Louis, MO.
Conference started off with the C.A.T team discussion and how important it is for the future of the APWU. C.A.T stands for Contract Action Team. We, the Union officers and stewards need to explain the contract campaign and how we can get the word out to not only our members but also the Public. There are a few ways that the campaigns can be initiated. Safety, contract and whatever the prime issues that the Local is facing management head on at the time are all important things that need to be acknowledged and focused on by us the Leaders of the local. The prime focus is to engage members to get involved. I was there to represent the Local and when questioned about who would be the best candidate for this job, my answer was Ronald Armstrong. I spoke with Ron and he said he would, so thank you Ron.
The C.A.T team are comprised of:
Organizers, Mobilizers, Information Contacts, Outreach Coordinators.
C.A.T team members also campaign not only about the contract but also about unity and strength.
(Ron Armstrong volunteered to be CAT leader. (Please get with Mr. Armstrong if you are interested in helping out!)
They are Organizers, mobilizers, information contacts, outreach coordinators.
What they do:
 Share the flyers with negotiation updates and activities
Contact co-Workers
Conduct outreach to the community
Organize actions such as wearing gear: stickers buttons and informational pickets being held publicizing the issues.
The C.A.T coordinator shares the load and doesn’t do it all, they have a committee that helps.
Building this campaign is not an option. Questions should be directed to NCCC@APWU.ORG
Confronting our challenges:
Industrial Relations Assistant Charlie Cash spoke about confronting our challenges. He stated that one of our biggest enemies are ourselves. He went on to explain that this is internal, and we need to (quoted)” stop throwing each other under the bus”.  He said there is enough Union busters working full time at the management level and some even at same level – ones we work side by side everyday that seem to shoot themselves in the foot. Management has a goal to divide and conquer. We must stand together to beat these Union busters – Unity, Solidarity and more importantly EXPOSURE. Management doesn’t seem all that smart to us, but their primary campaign is to divide us- don’t think they don’t plan it. How many times have you heard we are not understaffed- we just have too many call-ins. Its sad when you hear this supervisor say this because you know he has been eating the Postal Oatmeal and is purely brainwashed. They’re are not enough people to even staff 75% of the machines and they swear it’s the employee’s fault. We must think bigger than what we see. Its time to get the Public involved. They don’t see how bad it is... they only see their newspapers being days old when received and wonder why their bills are not there on time. We must educate – we must protect our jobs and our future- WE must stand together and fight for what is right.
Cash states that “It is necessary to educate the members about the retaliation that is sure to follow bold actions and demonstrations of strength, but this is the only way to succeed in our endeavors.”
We need to share the victories with members, so they will see the progress – THIS keeps us united and allows the non-members to get involved. The settlements that have been won need to be put out there for these reasons. Mr. Jolley and a few of his stewards have worked a great deal and been awarded victories for the grievances filed – not for themselves but for our brothers and sisters – this must be acknowledged by the membership and as well as co-workers.
Knowing our challenges and confronting them:
External: The USPS is under attack. The White House, Congress, bad publicity about the service of the USPS is being exploited and these variables are pushing for privatization.
Positive Internal: Other Unions such and the Mail Handler, NALC, Grand Alliance and other local Unions. Senior Citizens.
LYNN PALLAS-BARBER speaks about Art. 12 – Excessing.
Union and Management MUST be meeting at least 6 months when management talks excessing- this is not an option. Arbitrators are agreeing that even is the USPS is meeting with UNION its okay. Pallas-Barber hopes this contract language gets stronger in the next one. The main thing Pallas wants to get across to the delegates is that WE MUST USE the grievance system.
Pallas-Barber states that the ‘Safety Ambassador” is bullshit (her words) and management has been instructed to not include Union Officials or Stewards or anyone that will question management. This is a direct hit to our contract, Article 14 Safety and Health. They are trying to take away the employee’s right to question or grieve a safety hazard and we should all be explaining this to the members.
DAY 2: 3-18-18
NPC itinerary has notes written for this day. (attached)
Virginia Beach President suggest a training for new presidents during or after the NPC in June 10-12 at Virginia Beach, Va.
Virtual Timecards- (Eagan, MN.) ‘Lean to sigma” is a management tool to reduce complications – reduce waste. Enables employees to look at clock rings on line and in real time. The APWU President at Eagan whom works in the I.T department states that ‘anything that says Lean to Sigma means bad for Unions and Employees’.
APO/RMPO cluster Art 38.2.B – creating jobs/ Maintenance custodians should get first crack at the job, before clerks.
MV47 status package history – do a RFI ASAP, new staffing package done every year – so we need to view errors input by management. Ask for copies of the contract with all contractors that did any work.
Agenda Items:
Primetime vacation: In small offices, clerks get 1st pick over Postmasters
*attached- any questions ask please*
Dimondstein speaks: goes over C.A.T importance.

File for lead clerk positions in areas where none are already occupied or posted
Visit stations – RFI for who is doing accountable clerk work/ opening and clearing carrier’s accountables + arrow keys. My P.O work – who is doing this? Who is performing TACS – need to file non-compliance if not the Lead, T7. Any crossing crafts being done – RFI – LTAT, ask employees for statements. If employees don’t want to give written statements, questions asked by the steward is an alternative. RFI all PSEs to ensure if they are 813/814 and being properly assigned. Who is doing missent- FLTS/LTRS/Parcels; postage due, ‘kill mail’? Who is doing empty equipment? Who is box clerk? Who is transporting/delivering Express mail? Who scans 569 and who signs for it/scans when picked up or dropped off by agent? RFI mail report truck arrival and depart. RFI – all clerks that have access to MY P.O and who is utilizing it. All operations should show clerk performing work. Union will find disparities.
BOTTOM line: its clerk work and we must fight for it!
Safety and Health: M.E.R.T – Medical Emergency Response Team – Why don’t we have one?!?!?
MPOS – CAN NOT be performed while on window and cannot be using management log- in. RFI MPOS log-ins
AM & PM Accountable Clerks – we are losing these jobs! Work with NALC – RFI: 3867s
PUSH for lobby assistants – there is a manual put out by management for this job and all premier offices must staff at least one in the lobby. There is no sense in being more management in an office than clerk regulars.
National asks that statements from employees, any condescending emails or statements from management / harassing information be emailed and/or forwarded to National ASAP.
Contact Rural Carrier’s Union to inform them about the delayed mail that isn’t/hasn’t been reported accurately. A rural count was just completed, and this affected their count detrimentally.
PR- National states they have PR help in every state- every city to help with PR – inform them and they can help with media experience on what the USPS is doing to the public’s mail.


Area Office Report for 2/13/18

I have checked all Area Offices for Desirable Duty assignment grievances and so far we have gotten one new job in Smyrna and we have a grievance in Old Hickory waiting for a decision from the Step-2 designee. We are looking at Franklin for possibly two full time positions or more and we have settled two grievances in Smyrna for crossing crafts for which two people will be paid. A Desirable Duty Assignment grievance in Dickson has gone to Step-3.  If anyone has any issues at any Area Office, please contact me or your steward. Here is the Steward list for the Area Offices:

Franklin: Chester Edwards
Smyrna: Andrea Wright
Lavergne: Teresa Higginbottom
Old Hickory: Don Eggers
Dickson: Chester Edwards
Hermitage: Andrea Wright

Just let your Supervisor know you would like to see a union steward because it is the Supervisor's responsibility to get you a steward.

Chester Edwards
Director Area Offices


Dear APWU Members

    Yesterday National Business Agents, APWU and Labor Relation Specialist, USPS had Joint APWU/USPS training on the JCIM(Joint Contract Interpretation Manual). Local Officers and Stewards with Management attended the training.   Jointly prepared by the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO, and the United States Postal Service.  The manual provides a mutually agreed upon explanation on how to apply the contract to the issues addressed. When a dispute arises, the parties should go to the JCIM to determine if the issue in dispute is addressed. If it is, the parties are required to resolve the dispute in accordance with this manual. Below is link for the online downloadable copy.

Click to download the JCIM

Thank you,

Keith Pullen

Nashville APWU Local President




Today there was a town hall meeting held by National APWU about new contract negotiations beginning in June of this year. I am just going to give some highlights since the meeting lasted a little over 30 minutes.
President Dimondstein spoke about the importance of UNITY and making management aware of the presence  of the APWU.  Over 800 questions were submitted and National chose to comment on the ones they felt most important and relevant to the Contract Negotiations.
Steve Raymer, Director of Maintenance spoke about settlements that management has not met their burden on. He stated that he felt additional language would not fix the issue but give management something else to violate. We need to ensure management holds to their settlements.
Mike Foster, Director of MVS stated that ‘contracting’ is going to be a main focus for the motor vehicle craft. They are adamant about continuing to bring the work back to the MVS craft.
Clint Burelson, Director of the Clerk Craft states his focus will be on Art. 37, making desirable duty assignments for ALL hours worked. This will enable more PSEs to make career. He also stated he wants to fight for PSEs to get at least one day off during a week and also more Career employees with consecutive days off.
Debby Szeredy, Executive Vice President states that her focus is abusive managers. She believes that when we all stand together, we can end the abuse. She states language is not enough ; Grievances need to be filed under Art. 2. and management needs to be held accountable.

Cassie Williams
Vice President
Nashville Area Local 5


For those Postal employees thinking about the VERA.
Part of an article from www.APWU.org: 

"In its August 22, 2017 request to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for VERA approval, the Postal Service said that 10,522 APWU represented employees will shortly be “impacted” by “differing personnel actions” and “repositioning initiatives.”
• The Postal Service estimates that only 1,712 of the 10,522 APWU represented employees will accept the VERA.
• Those who apply for the early-out will see financial/income impacts, including: o If you are an employee covered by CSRS you will have your annuity reduced by 2% for each year you are under age 55.

o If you are covered by FERS you will only earn 1% of your salary as an annuity for each year worked (e.g. if you worked 20 years, your annuity will be 20% of your high-3 average salary).

o If you are under the Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) you will not receive the Social Security Supplement until you reach the MRA. Find your MRA using this OPM Chart. FERS is a three-legged stool: a modest annuity, social security, and retirement savings in TSP. When you reach the normal minimum retirement age (MRA); but are not yet eligible for social security, you get an “annuity supplement” to provide that social security leg.
 For example, if you are age 50 and your MRA is 57 you will not receive the supplement until you turn age 57 and the supplement will end at age 62 when you can start receiving social security payment.

o You will not receive Cost of Living Allowances (COLAs) on your annuity until you reach MRA.

o With an early retirement you can’t make additional contributions to TSP or receive employer contributions as you would with continued employment.

o TSP withdrawal restrictions are not eased for those accepting a VERA. o Your life insurance coverage (FEGLI) may change. The amounts of coverage may decrease and the costs (if you continue coverage) will likely rise.

o Your health insurance premiums will increase if you currently are covered by the Consumer Driven APWU health plan.

Make your decision on complete and accurate information about your retirement benefits. APWU will continue to share important information on the VERA and will share any new information that comes to light."


In Solidarity,

Cassie Williams
Your Vice President

Cassie Williams
Vice President
Nashville Area Local 5

Click here to read the full article at www.APWU.org


Voluntary Early Retirement Announcement

Voluntary Early Retirement Announcement


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edition of the Music City Notes


The Postal Service is giving out a New Questionnaire - Survey this week!!! We are requesting that you don’t do the Survey!!! The Survey is  volunteer only!!! The Postal Service Survey is going to use this Survey against you the Employees by trying to take more Bid Jobs and take more of your Benefits and also by Cutting your Pay and make you do more work with less employees with less pay!!!

Next year is a Contract Year for all of us employees and if the Post Office gets enough good results from this Survey they will use it against us employees in Arbitration like the Postal Service has done in the past. In fact, the Postal Service Survey is traceable because every Survey has your EIN# on it so they can trace them.

We the Local APWU union are asking you the APWU union members to turn your Survey into any Union Steward or Union officer for a monthly drawing and a chance to win $100.00 dollars.

Please Remember don’t do your Postal Service Survey-Questionnaire!! It’s for your Future!!!

Thank you,

Keith Pullen
APWU Local



Every parcel that we fail to scan IS a customer that does not get the service they paid for and one we will most likely lose. Management instructs us to forgo scanning and distribute the mail. Consider this. This is a service that the customers pay for and ALL our competition provides at a high level. When a business fails to perform a service that is promised to the customer – integrity is lost. There are many options available to the consumer, especially in today’s market. FED EX and UPS are continuing to expand scanning and providing customer service access. A Walgreens and FedEx store on virtually every other block advertising the “ACCEPTED HERE -Return service packages” banners and signs SHOULD be a constant reminder of the customer service business we are in. This should also serve as a reminder of the highly competitive marketplace OUR jobs depend on. Unfortunately, management is blind to the needs of our customer. With newspapers, first class, periodicals as well as standard mail being left behind for days beyond the customer’s expected date of delivery, management relies on Article 3 of the CBA (Contract) and their service standards stating, “management has the right to manage” to excuse their lack of productivity expectations. Standards changed back in 2011 but timeliness of the mail has gotten increasingly delayed. First class promised in 1-3 days is just not happening. This further frustrates the public - driving business away. We must stand up for our customers, our jobs and restore the trust of the American People in the USPS. Delaying mail is not up to management’s discretion. Contact the USPS OIG about intentionally delaying the mail and refusing to scan packages to protect our jobs.


SITES TO VIEW: https://uspsoig.gov/document/delayed-mail-validation


In Solidarity, Cassie Williams, Vice President

 ATTENTION: We Need Your Help!

The Attack on jobs by Management has been in full force against the Clerk Craft especially in the last several months. Headquarters developed ‘Dashboard’, ‘Craft Complement’, ‘CSV’, ‘Huddle board’, ‘ Function 1 & 4 Schedulers‘   - from a quiet office merely based on biased statistics and most disappointingly falsified information in order to obtain what they propose to be the ’Future Ready Postal Service’ – their stated new five year strategic plan for the new fiscal years 2017-2021. You, the MEMBERS play an important role not only as APWU members but also valued postal employees. You see the real side of the Post Office, you work it daily. You see the mail that is ‘curtailed’ every day. A lot of GPs, OTRs, house trucks loaded with mail two to three days old – placards still left on them or some changed with fraudulent dates.  You shake your head and think of the customer, someone just like you – wanting their mail. Nowhere to ‘stage’ it except in plain sight seen every day on your way in and out of your bid work sections. Anyone with limited business sense would know that these decisions made by management are indeed not inclusive of a customer service ran business.

You expect your Union to fight for these jobs. Jobs that pay our bills, take care of our children and allow us the stability to live productively. Our job is to get the mail out- to satisfy our customers- to keep our promise to both the sender and receiver. To succeed in keeping the jobs we have and fighting for the ones that Management is constantly trying to abolish; BUT to do this WE need your help. UNITY is a very strong word, without it – we are weak.  Please report all delayed mail to your steward or Union official in the section. If there is not one available, please document and use our website to email/contact your APWU at www.apwunashville.org to report.
In Solidarity,

Cassie Williams
Vice President
APWU Nashville Local


Report from Cassie Williams, Vice President

Secretary Treasurer training started on Sept. 29th with Roosevelt Stewart teaching the fiduciary responsibility training. Before beginning we had special guest President Mark Dimondstein speak before the class. "We are not hoarders, we are not Wall Street. What are we doing for the movement- it’s the member’s money. It’s not about how much money is in the bank, it’s about what we are building". Also, National Secretary Treasurer Liz Powell spoke about the goals for the next Contract negotiations in which she stated “ No Cola loss, no layoff clause are on top of our list for the negotiations starting in June.” The CBA expires in Sept. 2018.
Roosevelt told the class ‘Welcome to boot camp’. He taught a great class and no question was left unanswered. He ended in saying “We are not a service Union – we are a Motivational Solidarity Union!”

All Craft Conference included multiple classes.
Clerks training included:
Article 37.3.A – MDAT
Discipline Article 16
Large Area Office Issues
PSE issues
Article 15, 17 Rights of the Union/Steward
Article 12 – Seniority, Posting and Reassignments
Ereassign / filling residual vacancies
Organizing for POWER
Retail Small Office Issues

MVS training included NBAs provided training on new language in the JCIM 2017 regarding their new ‘all career win’.
Maintenance Division included multiple classes on:
Travel Related Issues
Subcontractors Training
Training on OIG & Postal Inspectors investigations
Just Cause and Due Process
Article 7 – Employee Classification. Crossing Occupational Groups or Crafts and what’s the difference in the two.

Health Plan Director John Marcotte reported that through hard work with the Health plan board, premiums for 2018 will
be a pleasant surprise considering the Post Office pays less and less every year for
its employee’s healthcare. Premiums for Retirees in 2018 will be an especially welcomed relief from consistent increases from the previous few years. The exact rates could not be released at the All- Craft because of the Office of Personal Management has not authorized the release of 2018 premiums at this time.
Tomorrow is General Sessions for the Clerk Craft where Clerk Craft National Officers are available for a Q&As by the delegates and Clerk Craft resolutions for inclusion in next year’s negotiation for the new contract.

10/3/2017 5:35 pm



    Your Local needs your help in fighting for your rights! Be Active and Vocal so We Can Fight For YOU! The biggest fight we can fight is for OUR jobs! We need you to help report these violations! Seek out a steward OR demand a steward if one is not in your facility or in your section. Strength lies in our UNITY.

    Postal Service is Blatantly Violating the Contract

    The APWU and the USPS agreed in Article 37.3.A.1 of the CBA that, “Every effort will be made to create desirable duty assignments from all available work hours for career employees to bid.” This includes hours worked by PSEs. This provision was part of an overall agreement for more APWU jobs.

    However, the Postal Service is now ignoring that part of the agreement and instead of utilizing “all available work hours” to create duty assignments, the USPS is now attempting to utilize what they call “earned hours” and “earned duty assignments” to determine the number of duty assignments. “Earned duty assignments” is what the USPS would prefer the number of duty assignments to be and has no basis in the contract.

    “We are gearing up for a large fight,” said President Dimondstein. “I know that if we stick together and stay united, then – just like the Stop Staples and contract campaigns – we will be victorious.”

USPS Actions are an Attack on Service

The Postal Service is reducing duty assignments and issuing excessing notices despite the fact that Postal Service is already understaffed as evidenced by the following issues, taking place in many offices around the country:

    Long lines for postal customers at the window
    Delayed mail
    Thousands of Postal Support Employees averaging over 30 hours a week
    High amounts of overtime
    One worker instead of the agreed upon two or three workers staffing DBCS machines

As postal workers and postal customers know from experience, in most offices, the Postal Service is seriously understaffed and causing poor service to the community. Some installation heads are acting with integrity and resisting the unreasonable reductions in duty assignments and service, but many are going along despite the harm to postal workers and the community.
APWU is Fighting Back

The APWU has been implementing a plan to fight back that includes meetings with management at every level, informational pickets to inform the community, and utilization of the grievance procedure.

    “I salute the National Clerk Craft Officers for taking the lead on this, with assistance from the Regional Coordinators and the National Business Agents,” said President Dimondstein

Meetings at the national level, including meetings with Postmaster General Megan Brennan, have emphasized the blatant reduction of duty assignments across the country when the duty assignments are clearly needed and also the unprecedented nature of the amount of excessing notices at one time.

Locals are already getting into the fight on the streets. The Baltimore APWU Local held an informational picket at the Main Post Office in Baltimore on June 10 that was attended by postal workers and community members. Other Locals are also preparing for similar actions. Locals wishing to conduct informational pickets should contact the Clerk Craft Division to receive assistance.

The APWU has been conducting Max Duty Assignment Tool (MDAT) training across the country on how to demonstrate new duty assignments whenever management tries to eliminate duty assignments or excess employees. We have designated National Business Agents (NBAs) in each area that are working under the direction of the National Clerk Craft Officers to work with Local and State organizations to develop strong grievances, coordinate our actions, and put our best foot forward in addressing these issues.
A Call to Action

As postal workers we must fight together against the Postal Services ongoing willingness to blatantly violate the contractual agreements they made with us. It is important that postal workers attend their local union meetings where we can learn from each other and work on strategies to slow or stop management’s plans to reduce service to the community and disrupt the workforce. If we come together in an organized manner, we can win a better Postal Service and a better workplace.
ASK FOR A STEWARD NOW if you see any of these violations!


We are pleased to announce the National arbitration award by Arbitrator Goldberg. This is a huge step forward for the clerk craft. Thank you to all the national clerk officers and big thanks to Vance Zimmerman our National Director of Industrial Relations. Union in Solidarity!

Click here to view a message from Vance Zimmerman

Click here to view the Goldberg Award

Thank you!
Cassie Williams
Nashville Vice President



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APWU Web News Article #: 142-2013


How to Calculate PSE Overtime

To calculate PSE overtime, take $14.89/hour and multiply by 2,000 to get
$29,790.  Divide $29,790 by 2,080 to get $14.3173 (carry out to five digits
and round to four digits). To get the overtime rate, multiply $14.3173 by
150 percent and the result is $21.47 per hour.

Please note that 150 percent of $14.89 would be $22.34 per hour.
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that employees be paid
no less than 150 percent for work over 40 hours in a week, so
management must pay that amount for overtime for PSEs.
Pay adjustments will show up as an FLSA adjustment at the bottom
of an employee's paystub. Since the FLSA hourly rate may include night
differential, the FLSA adjustment ends up being a complicated calculation
that can produce unexpected results.



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